Community Highlights: Pioneer Town

Have you ever visited the Pioneer Town Museum in Cedaredge?  Step on to this 5-acre property with 24 buildings and travel back in time to […]Read more

Ease Into Conservation

You might have seen or heard recent press related to the Campbell Ranch in Hotchkiss.  This local cattle ranch, located on the floor of the […]Read more

Real Estate by the Numbers: July 2022

Hotchkiss Hotel has sold!  You may know the building as the “Hotchkiss Hotel” which recently sold for $1.13 million! 

Construction was completed by Enos T. […]Read more

Proactive Problem Solving

The market conditions for real estate in the last two years have been, well, a little nuts.  Following pandemic challenges, we’ve seen inventory drop and […]Read more

2021 RE/MAX Brokerage of the Year!

West has been awarded 2021 RE/MAX Brokerage of the Year! We are one of six agencies to receive this award withinthe 14 states of RE/MAX’s […]Read more

Meanwhile, in Delta County…

This graph “Total Residential Sales Volume” shows the total dollar amount of sales in Delta County, CO from 2004 through 2021.  One thing is clear: […]Read more

Did You Know? Crane Days

Did you know that Fruitgrower’s Reservoir in Eckert is a popular place each year in early spring?  You might have heard of “Crane Days”, which […]Read more

Who Gets The Money?

Have you ever wanted to see a property and perhaps buy it, but the trusted real estate agent with whom you’ve been working for a […]Read more