Did you know? Carbon monoxide detectors

Did you know that Colorado law requires all homes with gas furnaces or appliances or attached garages that have been sold or rented after July 1, 2009 to be equipped with carbon monoxide detectors? There should be at least one detector within 15 feet of each sleeping room, which might mean more than one detector per floor or per home.

Carbon monoxide is particularly dangerous because it’s invisible and odorless. It is produced when   anything burns. While it’s an expected byproduct of things like vehicles and charcoal grills, appliances like gas stoves, water    heaters, and furnaces can also develop problems that could fill your home with the gas.

Never use your gas stove, range or a grill to heat your home, and be extremely careful with gas-powered space heaters.  Carbon monoxide detectors can be purchased from hardware and home supply stores, cost as little as $15, and come with a range of options (battery operated, hard-wired). Keep yourself and your family safe by installing these relatively inexpensive monitors!