Did You Know? Crane Days

Did you know that Fruitgrower’s Reservoir in Eckert is a popular place each year in early spring?  You might have heard of “Crane Days”, which heralds the arrival of the large sandhill cranes as they stop during their northern migration.  Each night, hundreds (if not thousands) of cranes come careening in to land and rest before attempting to fly over Grand Mesa the next day.   Their call is a loud chuckling trumpet which can be heard even when the birds are flying so high that they are difficult to see.  Best viewing times at Harts Basin are at dusk, when the birds are landing, and in the morning after it warms up and most of them take flight.

Sandhill crane

For in-depth history about this local event through 2021, visit https://eckertcranedays.com. You’ll find historical crane counts and etiquette for birdwatching (it can get very crowded along North Road).  For more information about the sandhill crane you can also visit http://www.allaboutbirds.org.  This is a special event, and it’s just another reason to love the Surface Creek area and its many natural wonders!  

Published April 2022