Why Choose Us?

We know we are not all things to all people; however, the skill set that a RE/MAX Mountain West agent brings to the table is built out of a common core of principles that applies to you, no matter whether you are buying OR selling.  Yes, there are unique job functions that change depending on our role when working with buyers vs. sellers, but we want you to know we are equally committed to each of our clients, all of their needs, and we’ll do what it takes to earn your respect, do good work with you, and keep our good reputation, both now and in the future.  

Why choose RE/MAX Mountain West?


–  We are experts with “local knowledge”, having been in business for over four decades on the Western Slope.  Since we represent three different regions (Roaring Fork Valley, Surface Creek and Delta, and North Fork Valley), we can confidently say that we’ve got this area covered!  We are very familiar with the real estate market conditions, available properties, and the pitfalls that buyers and sellers face as they search for properties in this area.

–  No matter what you are looking for, we have the tools to find it.  RE/MAX spends a lot of time and money making sure we have the most advanced technology available to us, whether it’s helping us advertise, find and match buyers and sellers, or creating videos and virtual tours.

–  We focus on training our agents and keeping them current.  Our managing brokers offer monthly Coaching sessions, which cover subjects far and wide, from handling contract issues to multiple offer situations to complex transactions.  It is very important that we are always learning and staying current on legal and industry issues,


–  We are licensed professionals!  We ensure our agents understand what is and what isn’t ethical, and we strive to create a positive experience where conflicts in a transaction are  resolved smoothly.  For a real estate transaction, there are lots of issues to navigate, from contracts to title work to water laws.  It’s our job to help our buyers and sellers negotiate all of these issues, to connect our clients to the appropriate experts and professionals, and to be by your side from beginning to end.

–  We understand the emotions involved for buyers and sellers.  Part of our job is to guide all of our clients through emotional decisions and arrive at a solution that works for them.  We can help steer you through minefields and help you manage your own expectations, so we can all keep an eye on the prize, which is a successful closing. 

–  Our most established agents are regularly involved in training and supporting our newer agents so that we provide a consistent client experience.  Our company supports the agents with group marketing and advertising so we are well-known by sight.  You know what you are getting with a RE/MAX Mountain West agent. 


–  You will get different levels of service from different agents, it’s true.  There are some agents whose voice mail is always full, who don’t get back to you right away, who are distracted by other clients during your time.  That’s not how we like to do business.  Simply put, if you aren’t satisfied with our level of service, we know that it will hurt us.  This is too complicated a transaction for us to take the process casually or to disrespect your time and energy.  We’re in this together and we’ll be by your side long after the keys have changed hands. 

–  We also understand that we need to work as a team.  You are part of this team!  We strive to make you feel comfortable and secure in your relationship not just with your agent, but with all the players working towards the successful sale or purchase of a property.  Don’t hesitate to call or walk into our offices any time!

–  We value and treasure our community and contribute to many local organizations, charitable and otherwise.  We support our neighbors!

–  Our agents know that each transaction is unique, as is each buyer and seller.  We have a commitment to your satisfaction; if you aren’t happy, then we haven’t done our job well.  We will go above and beyond to get our client to a happy closing, and that’s what makes us RE/MAX Mountain West agents!