Water conservation

Published April 2021

Most of Delta County is in the worst drought category. Outdoor watering consumes a LOT of water. Try these tips to conserve:

• Don’t plan a huge garden or expand the lawn this year. If you have time and energy, consider changing areas of your lawn over to a xeriscaped concept.
• Use less fertilizer. Fertilizer encourages trees, shrubs and especially grass to grow, which then requires more water to maintain.
• Prioritize plants for watering: trees first, then shrubs, and grass last.
• Water less frequently, for longer periods, and avoid midday watering in the sun and wind. Also, drip systems are the most efficient with the least amount of loss to evaporation.
• Remember that even though your plants won’t look fabulous, they likely won’t die.

Colorado drought map from climate.colostate.edu